BMW F700GS / F800GS is a rock solid machine. Outback Motortek offers rock solid protection for it and luggage solutions.

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BMW F650GS / F700GS / F800GS – Rear Luggage Rack

Major worldwide dual sport and enduro forums indicate the need for a rear luggage rack that functions as an ultimate platform for carrying soft bag, or even a RotoPax* can. Better yet, you will find appropriate mounting points for your action camera, too! Keeping this in mind we designed holes and mounting points accordingly. Whether you want to use tie down straps, bungee cords, top case or RotoPax can mounting hardware to secure your load it's your call. It's an all-inclusive part based on riders' desire. *RotoPax can is not included in the sale.

BMW F700GS / F800GS – Crash Bars

One of the biggest advantages of our crash bars system for BMW F700GS / F800GS is the all around 27mm diameter tubing that rests on 5mm thick steel mounting tabs and offers reliable protection for fairing, radiator, engine case and other parts of the engine. The design is based on the philosophy that less is often more, hence we created a compact, sturdy set of crash bars that do not reach far away from its mounting points. This system perfectly complements the sporty, aggressive lines of the BMW F700GS / F800GS.

BMW F700GS / F800GS – Pannier Racks

The Adventure Moto/Outback Motortek X-Frames for the BMW F650GS / F700GS / F800GS are the most universal and functional side pannier frames yet, allowing simple, secure mounting of Rotopax, hard panniers and soft luggage.

BMW F700GS / F800GS – Silver Level Combo

Purchase this Silver Level Combo to outfit your BMW F700GS / F800GS with the basic adventure bike necessities. Lower Crash Bars / Engine guard: Whether you go off-road frequently or simply just ride highways, this product will keep your expensive engine components and radiator guard safe. It will be your most affordable and best investment. Skid Plate: There's not a single part on this product that was not exposed to the most extremes during numerous off-road rallies. On top of this this skid plate protected our rider's (Kinga Tanajewska) BMW GS engine in a head-on collision vs. a car! What more can we say? Nothing...Watch the video yourself: click here

BMW F700GS / F800GS – Skid Plate

Outback Motortek offers protection for your BMW F700GS / F800GS's engine and its components such as exhaust header, oil cooler which may be badly exposed during off-roading without our skid plates. Protect your investment by investing into our engine protection.

BMW F800GS – Upper Crash Bars

When BMW first came out with the F800GS model it was instantaneously a home run. High quality suspension, Rotax-BMW engineered engine, spoked wheels, best-in-class ground clearance etc. With such features it was no surprise that the “little” GS became the ultimate ADV machine alongside its big brother, the 1200GS. Therefore, Outback Motortek was looking at some serious challenges to match the bike’s legendary reputation. As always, our team has done its best create a crown jewel for any BMW F800GS and proud to present their final creation. Note: This product is only compatible with our lower crash bars.